Tahmasb Gholi Shahrokhshahi

Research and Development (R&D)

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Research and Development (R&D)

As the core of company of research activities, MAHAN NIROO up to now published about 30 books in the field of power engineering, specially for the engineer. Titles and articles of the books are first time to be published in the Persian. List of the book and photography of the cover are attached.


T. SHAHROKHSHAHI received M.SC degree in Electrical Engineering (power) from Tehran Polytechnic University in 1967, after military service, he employed by Azerbaijan water and power organization as the Electrical supervisor in Aras Hydroelectric Power station, then as project manager in 132KV Transmission project in Azerbaijan, after that he worked with MAHAN NIROOCO.

In diesel power station in ZAHEDAN. After commissioning above mentioned project, he joined in Moshanir Consulting Engineer as project engineer in Tehran-Esfahan 230KH Transmission Line and 63KV sub transmission in Gilan and Mazandaran.

In 1973 he joined HARZA-FARMANFARMAIAN consulting Engineer in the First 400KV Tehran-Dez Transmission Project in IRAN as resident engineer in Khouzestan province. Also, in Kaiser company. in steel plant in Ahvaz In 1977 he joins Iranian Aluminum company (IRALCO), as project Manager in new Aluminum Electrolyzes Line.

In 1990 he joined to Qeshm Aluminum co. for Construction Aluminum Plant in Qeshm ISLAND. Then he cooperates as consultant in Pars Switch co, manufacturer of HV and EHV circuit Breaker (20-400KV0.The Factory situated in Zanjan Province on the basis of much of experience in numerous projects as above, he edited and translated technical research book from English, French and Russian.

In 1984 he recognized as senior member of IEEE, and also professor in university. Up to now: 70 books in Power Engineering, including Transmission Line, Power Distribution, Power station, Generator, HV and EHV Transformers, protective relaying, HV circuit Breaker, Overvoltage and Lightning Arrester Long Distance Power Transmission problem’s Line 1100 KV in china, Title of the books and photography of the picture shown in next page. 30 books has been published by MAHAN NIROO, during 6 years.