About us

MAHAN NIROO company started its activity in power electrical and mechanical projects, construction and engineering in 2017. Details of activity including: electrical energy, oil and gas projects, industrial and mechanical plant with the best quality on the basis of international standard also commissioning project at the mentioned date in the contract in time.

Today our company is recognized as one of the Pioneering Loaders of the H.V substation and transmission line projects, including HV voltage substation equipment, control and protective relay system, power transformer resting and commissioning and, maintenance and tap changer service, etc.

In transmission project complete line construction such as spooling, foundation preparation, tower erection, cabling and tensioning. Etc.

Our company use brilliant specialist engineer with 15-20 years experiences more than 40 different project on design, test and supervising in the field above mentioned, obtaining qualification certification issued by competent authorities, shown below for our company.


As the core of company of research activities, MAHAN NIROO up to now published about 30 books in the field of power engineering, specially for the engineer. Titles and articles of the books are first time to be published in the Persian. List of the book and photography of the cover are attached.


List of the project implemented by MAHAN NIROO is attached, but the most project was steel production plant. In existing steel plant, ARFA IRON& steel co. ARDAKAN center 50 area of Iran, was necessary to increase AVC Furnace capacity about so are Furnace supplied Transformer, installed at the height 30m from ground level should be replaced by new one with more MVA capacity. Transformer weight was about 200 ton. Replacing transformer has been done successfully by MAHAN NIROO in only 19 days.in this reason client has paid as cash some percent of the contact amount. Pictures of replaced transformer, special crane and Other needed equipment has shown in next page.

MAHAN NIROO Competitive Advantage in their projects:

  • Commissioning of project in fastest possible time.
  • Emphasis on quality and high accuracy in Heavy High Voltage equipment.
  • Covering the technical gap in various infrastructure industries.
  • Ability to Analyze the unexpected problem and perform technical estimate.


T.SHAHROKHSHAHI received M.SC degree in Electrical Engineering (power) from Tehran Polytechnic University in 1967, after military service, he employed by Azerbaijan water and power organization as the Electrical supervisor in Aras Hydroelectric Power station, then as project manager in 132KV Transmission project in Azerbaijan, after that he worked with MAHAN NIROOCO. In diesel power station in ZAHEDAN. After commissioning above mentioned project, he joined in Moshanir Consulting Engineer as project engineer in Tehran-Esfahan 230KH Transmission Line and 63KV sub transmission in Gilan and Mazandaran.

In 1973 he joined HARZA-FARMANFARMAIAN consulting Engineer in the First 400KV Tehran-Des Transmission Project in IRAN as resident engineer in KHozestan province. Also, in Kaiser co. in steel plant in Ahvaz. In 1977 he joins Iranian Aluminum company (IRALCO), as project Manager in new Aluminum Electrolyzes Line.

In 1990 he joined to Qeshm Aluminum co. for Construction Aluminum Plant in Qeshm ISLAND. Then he cooperates as consultant in Pars Switch co, manufacturer of HV and EHV circuit Breaker (20-400KV0.The Factory situated in Zanjan Province on the basis of much of experience in numerous projects as above, he edited and translated technical research book from English, French and Russian.

In 1984 he recognized as senior member of IEEE, and also professor in university. Up to now: 70 books in Power Engineering, including Transmission Line, Power Distribution, Power station, Generator, HV and EHV Transformers, protective relaying, HV circuit Breaker, Overvoltage and Lightning Arrester Long Distance Power Transmission problem’s Line 1100 KV in china, Title of the books and photography of the picture shown in next page. 30 books has been published by MAHAN NIROO: during 6 years.

List of projects Implanted by MAHAN NIROO co

  1. Overhaul and repairing tap changer and selector Switch of Hv transformer in following substation through different contract: Kalpoosh sub., Gamsar sub.
  2. Replacing and commissioning 102-unit current Transforms in HV sub. And MV sub. In Bandartorkaman, Kordkouy, Minoodasht, Narivaran, Sari3, Amol3, Darayee, Babolkenar, Vanoosh, Marzan Abad,Chamestan, Noor, Chalous, Kharat kKola, Namak Abrood & Kiyasar.
  3. Provide and implementing Fiber cable and their accessories for 230/63 and 63/20 KV Garmsar sub.
  4. Mounting, test and commissioning of protection relay in the feeders in 230KV Ghaemshahr and Dahak sub.
  5. Overhaul and repairing oil circulation device, capacity 7000 lit. For power transformer.
  6. Replacing minimum oil 72.5KV circuit Breaker by SF, one in the Sari N0.1 and Amol No.1 Islamabad sub.
  7. Mounting and wiring protective relays in the Amol, Chehel Shahid 230KV sub.
  8. Implementing 63 KV double circuit line in Semnan and installation Fiber Cable in 63KV sub and Semnan 230KV sub.
  9. Implementing and commissioning protective relay in Darya Sar and Shahid Soleimani 63 and 230 KV substation.
  10. Service and overhaul 7 tap changer in the test and west of Semnan.
  11. Construction diesel Room and store in 400KV Ahowan substation.
  12. Replacing, commissioning 25 unit current transformer in Transmission sub. Including: Kiasar, Royan, Zirab, Chamestan, Tonekabon, Noshahr,Bandar Gaz.
  13. Overhaul and annual of power transformer tap changer, manufactured by ABB in Yazd No.1 400KV sub., steel mine choghorf 230KV, sub. And 63 KV substation in Industrial Area, Jahan abad, Mehriz,Ardestan, to for Marvast and Yazd No.2 400 KV sub.
  14. Repairing tower No.568 in Mehr-Gotvand 44KV single-circuit line.
  15. Variant in 63KV Khorram Abad, Sepiddasht, line and Kohdasht 2_Sarkan line.
  16. Overhaul of 24 tap changer in power transformer in transmission and MV transmission in Kermanshah, Kordestan province and Ilam province.
  17. Construction 63KV substation in Khormogh- Saveh.
  18. Mounting and energizing 20KV feeder in DG station in Zanjan Rood sub.
  19. Tower erection and cabling in $00KV tower No.568 in single circuit tower in Mehr-Gotvand line.
  20. Repairing and overhaul 10 tap changer for transformer manufactured by ABB co. in Chahbahar, Zahedan and Iranshahr.
  21. 400KV tower foundation in Gilan-Shahid Beheshti line.
  22. De-mounting 22 tower damaged by heavy snow in the Siakaldeh-Rahimabad line.
  23. Calibration, repairing and testing protective relay system and control circuit of in 20 KV Breaker in Iranol oil company.
  24. Repairing control circuit and relay system in 6-11 KV switching and 44 KV Breaker also 6 and 11 KV switchgear testing in capacitor Bank in Lordegan Petrochemical Plant.
  25. 63 KV 4 circuit line cabling, length: 15 KM, situated between Chaboksar and Siahkaldeh.
  26. Implemenation, testing and commissioning 133 KV sub. And 20 KV SUB. In Nigeria country.
  27. Increasing capacity of supplied transformer and reactor, replacing them by existing one in Arfa steel and Iron co.
  28. Engineering and consulting for replacing 20KV capacitor Bank feeder as output feeder in Karoun.
  29. Overhaul transformer in the North substation in Oran Khodro co.
  30. Engineering and designing 33 KV line in ZN-Vostok Russian co.
  31. Project for increasing capacity and enforcing 63 KV line Azodi-Rasht1, Moghaddam.
  32. Installation, construction and expansion 63 KV sub. In Pardis Azarbaijan situated in Salafchegan Industyrial Area.
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