Educational workshop “A review of forty years of writing experiences of the learned master and writer of Iran’s electrical industry: Engineer Tahmasebgholi Shahrokhshahi authored more than 65 specialized books

29 April 2023 | 5:16
Time needed to study: 3 Minute

A workshop reviewing the experiences of forty years of writing by a master of the Iranian electrical industry: engineer Tahmasbegholi Shahrokhshahi, who authored more than 65 specialized books, on Sunday, 08/30/1400, from 10:00 to 11:30, through the Adobe Connect program, with the presence of the teacher. Tahmasbegholi Shahrokhshahi, the respected CEO of the Western Regional Electric Company and the engineers of Iran’s electrical industry, a video conference meeting was held.

At the beginning of the meeting, Mr. Engineer Ali Asadi, the respected CEO of Gharb Regional Electric Company, while welcoming all the professors and especially the distinguished and educated master of Iran’s electrical industry: Professor Shahrokhshahi, expressed his happiness at the video meeting of Professor Shahrokhshahi in this video conference meeting. : All the students of Professor Shahrokhshahi are working in the electricity industry of the country. Likewise, the scientific and practical view that he has left in the electrical industry over the years and the authorship of more than 65 specialized books on the electrical industry, which today are available in all universities, especially the applied universities of the industry. Electricity is being taught and the students and all managers of the electricity industry use their scientific, theoretical and operational experiences. We are proud that such a great professor has served in the electricity industry of the country and God willing, may he live a dignified life for many years and train great students to the body of the country and to the body of the country’s electricity industry and the country’s oil and petrochemical industry. inject Since the week is the book week; It should be said that our books gain value and credibility when they are refreshed and authored by great professors such as: Professor Shahrokhshahi. God willing, that all my colleagues in the country’s electricity industry and regional electricity companies can gain as much grace as possible from his experiences, and may Almighty God bless him with honor, that we have all been his students for many years, and from His presence has gained grace and each of Shahrokhshahi’s works is a guiding light in the country’s electricity, oil and petrochemical industries.

In this educational workshop, professor Shahrokhshahi, while giving a history of his scientific, experimental and operational activities; He presented very valuable and worthy points regarding the process of compiling and writing a book for the participants in this educational workshop, and the written text of this video conference session is presented below.

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